Mapping COVID-19 Data From the Past, Present, and Future: The COVIDmapper project is designed to provide geopolitical heatmaps showing the progression of COVID-19 spatially and temporally. COVIDmapper uses the Heatmapper platform and spatio-temporal COVID data collected from the WHO, Johns Hopkins University, and a number of regional health centres from around the world (1). It also employs modeled data from reported and existing epidemiological trend data to predict future COVID trends. Data for COVIDmapper is updated daily at 0:00 GMT.

Using a simple pull-down menu, users can display COVID-19 heatmaps for different geographic levels: 1) the world, 2) continents, 3) individual countries, and 4) states or provinces. Data on the reported number of COVID cases, reported number of COVID deaths, reported per capita cases, reported per capita deaths, “real” number of cases (using 3 different case fatality rate models) and reported COVID tests can be easily displayed using COVIDmapper’s simple pull-down menu. Users may select any date to explore previous COVID statistics or any future date (based on modeled projections) to explore projected COVID statistics for different regions. Tables for all data in COVIDmapper (at the state, country, continent, or global level) are viewable as tables and can be freely downloaded. All maps are interactively zoomable and exact values are interactively displayed over each map by hovering over a region of interest. The intensity (opacity) of the heatmaps can be adjusted to display more (or less) of a country’s geography. Please report any bugs to the COVIDmapper team via our feedback form.

Disclaimer: The data presented in COVIDmapper has been assembled to the best of our ability using the most up-to-date and reliable sources we can find. It is shown for information purposes only and is not intended to guide medical, political, or personal decisions.